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Archaon's Application

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Archaon's Application Empty Archaon's Application

Post by Arçhaon on Sun May 06, 2012 5:00 pm


Name: Jonas

Age :22

Time Zone / country :GMT +1 Belgium

Character Name :Arçhaon

Race/Class :Human Sith Inquisitor Assassin

Why do you want to join Valar Morghulis? Do you know anyone in our guild that would be willing to "sponsor" you?

I used to be part of another guild, but it got disbanded (to many people stopped playing). Since then I've been guildless and it's really boring being alone.

My brother, In-Game name Vandalor, can vouch for me.

Raiding :I don't quiet understand what you mean with "raiding". Do you mean if I want to raid. Yes. If you're asking if I already raided. Also yes.

Spec :2/31/8 High Survivability Deception DPS

Crew Skills :Biochem -- Bioanalysis -- Diplomacy

Are you willing to respec if it is needed? If said person is willing to pay for my respec, then yes.

How many hours do you aprox. play per week? 35 hours.

Do you have any other raiding experience? In this game or another game? If yes, point it out.
WoW (Pre Lich King)
Champions Online
SWToR (Eternity Vault [HM cleared] -- Karagga's Palace [HM cleared])

List the previous guilds you were in and why you left.
Gloria Aeterna -- Guild got devided because of indifferences between the leader and the officers.

Nox Inferna -- One of the branches Gloria devided in. We had 2 leaders that both stopped playing cause of personal issues and they appointed someone who was a favoritist that always did HM flashpoints and Operations with the SAME 8 people he favored, leaving the rest behind. Out of the 40+ people we had, only the same 8 raided and got gear. So people got frustrated and started leaving. Eventually the Guild disbanded.

Do you have Teamspeak3 installed and running, with a working mic? (TS3 needed if you want to do ops)
Yes and yes.

Any OTHER information you wish to share with us.
Not able to raid on Thursday evenings.


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Archaon's Application Empty Re: Archaon's Application

Post by Gilraen on Sun May 06, 2012 9:54 pm



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