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2+ Application

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2+ Application Empty 2+ Application

Post by Samo on Tue May 08, 2012 8:50 pm



Ok, here's the deal, this is not just an application for one player Smile actualy more or less 4, and i bet it would make it more interresting.

First of all, i'm the one who made this dissicion, so all the data that you wants would be for me, and me only, as i don't know everything about my pals Smile

Age : 27 (and i am the youngest one of the people applying)

Time Zone / country: That would be Denmark, so CET (others are same timezone)

Character Name: Samo is my alias, and the toon that i play.

Race/Class: I play a Human Powertech

Why do you want to join? Here is my thoughts on the matter.
As it is now in my current guild, all raiding is more or less standing still, do to a lot of different stuff. First of all the officers is really just a bunch of old friends, some play a lot, some don't. and non of them have any real experience on running a "semi" hardcore guild, leading a raid, or whatever (in my opinion) an officer should be able to.
All raiding happening right now is ether being lead by me or one of the other pals i'll bring in.

I want to be in a guild that actually has end game content going on, and where we are not struggling to get a decent group going every time, and has to make compromises to even do so.
I don't want to be in a guild that has cleared every end game content, and you practically just get carried thru every raid.
I wanna be a part of a team where everyone makes a different, and you don't have to constantly tell people what to do, over and over again.

I do have someone within your guild that i know would vote 110% for me. Your awesome Mercenary Healer.
I've bin playing quit a lot of HM flashpoints with him, and he know my style of playing.

Raiding : as of now it's only bin storymodes and Eternaty Vault HM with my guild. Bin doing Karragga HM with some Russian friends a couple of times thou Smile

Spec: That would be a Tank specced Powertech (other pals play healer and dps)

Crew Skills: I don't recon this is important realy Smile But my Cypertech might be of use.

Are you willing to respec if it is needed? I might be convinced Wink

How many hours do you aprox. play per week? i don't really keep count, lately i had nothing to logon for, other than Daily's and playing on alts.

Do you have any other raiding experience? Oh yes i do, quit a lot thou.
I've bin playing WoW (like most) since the very beginning, and bin thru nearly every single end game content of that MMO.
I've bin an raidleading officer main tank for a long time Smile, but stood down do to social stuff (that happens).
I am not like SUPER active, but i'm dedicated, has a so called brain of my own, and in general just a great guy Smile

List the previous guilds. Pax Romana (still there)

Do you have Teamspeak3 installed and running, with a working mic? that's one of the few programs i actually got to work on my Mac when i boot it up in windows, lol

Any OTHER information. feel free to ask me anything, i guess you have a lot of questions about me and my pals.
as it is right now, we are 4. 3 lvl 50's and one thats going strong Smile they might not all join right away if there is a possibility to do so, but i bet they will in the future Smile

take care.



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2+ Application Empty Re: 2+ Application

Post by Gilraen on Tue May 08, 2012 9:29 pm

When you are online, w/ Hazzard/Dremora/Chirai/Gilraen.
I'd like to have a chat.


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